Street Dog Project received a call from SOVSC on Saturday, concerning this sweet boy.  Rosco is a one-year-old Great Pyrenees who came to the ER and was diagnosed with salmon poisoning.  His owners had opted for euthanasia, but the staff at SOVSC reached out to us to see if we would take ownership of him since they felt he had a good choice of recovering with proper care.  The owners surrendered Roscoe to Street Dog Project, and the veterinary team at the hospital began treatment.  Unfortunately, on Sunday he seemed to be in respiratory distress, and they found he also had aspiration pneumonia from days of vomiting prior to coming to the hospital.  Despite treatment for the pneumonia, he grew sicker and was started on oxygen yesterday.  He is fighting hard, and his prognosis is cautiously optimistic, but what started as a simpler issue is now a $5,000 plus estimate to save his life.

If you can donate any amount, it will help us give Rosco the chance he deserves to live.

You can donate by clicking the button on our website: or sending a check to Street Dog Project, PO Box 642, Talent, OR 97540.


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